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Product Catalogue

1 Varnished Cloth

2210 Oil varnished silk cloth, 2310 oil varnished systhetic cloth, 2432 Alkyd varnished glass fabric, 2450 Silicone varnished glass cloth

2 Fiberglass Sleevings

2715- PVC coated Fiberglass sleeving, 2740-Fiberglass sleeve coated with acrylic resin, Heat treated glass fiber sleeve, 2751 silicone rubber sleeve, 2753-Self-extinguishable (flame resistance) silicone sleeve

3 Impregnated banding Tapes

2830 B Grade Polyester Resin impregnated Fiberglass binding tape, 

2840 F grade/2850 H grade W-Epoxy resin impregnated Fiberglass binding tape

4 Rigid Laminated Products 

3025-Phenolic cotton fabric laminated sheet, 3021-Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet, 3240-Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated sheet, G10/FR4-Epoxy sheet, Epoxy tube & Rod, Phenolic cotton rod & tube

5 Flexible Composited Insulation Paper

6630DMD-Class B insulating paper, 6641 DMD-Class F, Izoflex Composite Laminates, 6640 NMN-Nomex paper, 6650NMN.

6 Woven Tapes for Electrical Purposes

Cotton twill tape, Polyester Shrinking tape, Fiberglass banding tape

7 Insulation Films

6051 Kapton film/Polyimide (PI)film, Polyimide adhesive tape, 6020/6021 Polyester mylar film, Polyester adhesive tape.

8 Fiberglass products 

Epoxy pultruded Dog bone, epoxy fiberglass rod and tube. 

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