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How to Stop the Aging of High Density Insulation Paper

How to prevent the aging of high density insulated cardboard, you should pay attention to the following five points:

1. Prevent the high-density insulated cardboard from being in the high temperature environment, because the life of high-density insulated cardboard will be halved every time the ambient temperature rises by 8 degrees C.

2. Avoid illumination and radiation, because illumination and radiation will change the molecular structure of insulation and reduce the insulation strength.

3. Avoid contact with corrosive chemical gases or liquids, because these will change the insulation performance of high density insulated cardboard and reduce the insulation strength.

4. Clean means of transport with protective measures should be used in transportation, and contaminated materials should not be transported together; cardboard should not be thrown from high places in handling and stacking.

5. High density insulated cardboard should be properly kept in order to prevent the impact of rain, snow, ground moisture, acid, alkali and chemical gases, and the use environment should be kept clean and hygienic.

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