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Performance Characteristics of Weft-free Belt

Xuchang Eric insulating products share with you: performance characteristics of weft-free belt

1. Usage: The weft-free belt has excellent performance. It can improve the performance of the motor, make the motor safe and reliable, and simplify the binding process. It can improve the performance of transformer, reduce the punching process of silicon steel sheet and the vibration and noise of transformer. Therefore, weft-free belts are widely used in national defense, chemical industry, electrical appliances, machinery and other departments. Such as: winding high temperature and high pressure thin-walled shell, cylinder, high pressure vessel and so on. It can also roll several kinds of low-voltage chemical pipeline motors, electrical appliances and industry instead of anti-magnetic alloy steel wire binding armature. It can also be used in capacitors, electronic products, large, medium and small DC motors, generators, traction motors, welding machines. The insulating parts of transformer hollow screw, fastening iron core, transformer and reactor.

2. Performance: Weft-free zone and weft-thin zone are semi-dry prepreg tapes made of alkali-free glass fibre impregnated thermosetting resin processed by silane surface treatment. The quality of weft-free winding products is stable and reliable, the resin content is not affected by the winding tension. The tension can be accurately controlled in different winding layers, so that the products can get the best strength and stiffness structure. It is simple to use and can be high-speed winding and improve productivity. The tensile strength of the product can be compared with that of alloy steel, and the specific gravity of the product is only 1/5 of that of alloy steel.

3. Usage: There is no difference in the use of the three kinds of bandage. In summer, remove the bandage from the refrigerator and put it at room temperature for several hours, and wait for the bandage to be soft. Conditional in winter can be placed in the oven heating, the temperature in 60 - 80 degrees Celsius to bake half an hour to an hour. When binding, the binding speed is controlled below 50 rpm, the binding swelling force is 20-50 kg/cm2. After winding out the prescribed thickness, it is solidified together with the object in the oven. The temperature is kept at 90 degrees for one hour, 130 degrees for ten hours; the temperature is kept at 130 degrees for two hours and 150 degrees for ten hours. Class b, class f, class h, latitude-free shrinkage belt can be stored under 30 degrees with a storage life of three months. Products that exceed the storage capacity can still be used after passing the test. During storage and transportation, collision, moisture-proof, direct sunshine protection and keeping clean and dry are strictly prohibited.

4. Transportation and storage: Each plate of weft-free belt is sealed with plastic bags in wooden boxes (cartons). Care should be taken to avoid collision, extrusion, heating, dampness and sunlight. The polyester B products should be stored in the warehouse with good dry and clean air below 25 C. The storage period is three months from the date of production. Epoxy B should be stored in a freezing room at zero degree. Its validity period is one month from the date of production. Over-storage period can still be used if qualified according to product standards.

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