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Excellent Properties of Insulated Crepe Paper Pipe

1. The intrinsic dielectric strength of insulated corrugated paper tubes

The insulated corrugated paper tubes produced by Jinsanxin Power Co., Ltd. have low dielectric constant, which makes the electric field distribution between insulation and cooling medium more uniform.

2. Thermal stability of insulated corrugated paper tubes

The product has UL material temperature grade 220 degree approval, representing that even if continuously placed at 220 degree, it can maintain validity for more than 10 years.

3. Mechanical Toughness of Insulated Wrinkled Paper Tubes

The product has high strength, good tear resistance and abrasion resistance, while the thinner product has flexibility.

4. Chemical compatibility of insulated corrugated paper tubes

It is also compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer liquids, lubricants and refrigerators. It is also not destroyed by insects, fungi and fungi.

5. Insulated corrugated paper tubes are not sensitive to humidity

6. Radiation resistance of insulated corrugated paper tubes

Even if the intensity of the ionizing radiation reaches 800 Mrad, the product is basically unaffected, and the mechanical and electrical properties of the product are maintained after eight doses of radiation.

7. Non-toxicity and flame resistance of insulated corrugated paper tubes This product does not melt in air and does not support combustion.

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