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Class F DMD prepreg

Characteristics and uses:

DMD heat-resistant epoxy prepreg polyester film polyester fiber non-woven fabric flexible composite material impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin curing is made. Alternative non-woven imported heat-resistant epoxy prepreg resin non-woven (HTEPP), has a long shelf life and excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, flame resistance, at room temperature, can be used as a dry-type transformers low voltage coil layer insulation and Class F motor slot insulation and interphase insulation.

Technical Specifications:

1, Appearance

The surface should be smooth, flat, uniform thickness, no impurities, no off injured, bubbles, wrinkles, holes and other issues. The product should have the flexibility, open-book should not be bonded phenomenon.

2, size

2.1 length of prepreg supplied in rolls, each roll diameter of not less than 200mm, the length of each volume is not less than 50 m, weight of not less than 20 kg per roll reel section header does not exceed 2 sections, each not less than 5m, section head at there are clearly marked.

2.2 width of the prepreg width of each volume to be consistent. Width according to user requirements cut into a variety of sizes, the range of 10-1000mm, tolerance ± 1.0mm.

The detailed Performance indicators:Welcome to call us to get the details!

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